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How to ensure your Christmas Party is on trend for 2016

Unfortunately companies have been cutting out a lot of “extras” since the Global Financial Crisis, which has seen the decline in corporate holiday events. However research has shown that over the last few years the Christmas Party scene is well and truly back! 2015 showed the highest percentage of companies holding Christmas Functions, compared with the last 6 years.

With Christmas Functions back on the agenda for most companies, the goal is to inspire and reward staff with an end of year celebration. Due to the amount of money that goes into holding a function, you want to ensure that you have great staff attendance, as well as making the event memorable which will result in a high rate of staff satisfaction.

Certain trends have arisen over the last two years which you can apply to your own events, ensuring all your staff has a great end of year celebration.  These top trends include:

  • Reward your employees throughout the event. Could be in the way of physical awards or just acknowledge their names on a projector screen. You could even create a poll within staff leading up to the event to create excitement as guest participation at events is also a growing trend!
  • A professional photographer, photo booth or even shots taken on a good quality camera is a great idea to showcase your event. These then can be used on the company blog, website, social media and marketing materials. Plus, this encourages team bonding!
  • Ensure there is plenty of food, especially from an Occupational Health and Safety point of view if alcohol is involved. Tapas / canapés / antipasto are becoming more popular as guests feel like they can socialise more while they eat. Buffets and Set Menus are great if you plan on holding presentations or for a more formal feel.
  • If you are styling the event, the typical red and green theme is out… make way for something different! White Christmas, Vintage or Carnival is becoming popular in businesses over the last few years.
  • Create a balance between styling and branding. You want your brand to be present to create that “part of a team” feel but you don’t want the brand to overtake the festiveness of the event!

Follow these trends to guarantee the happiness of your employees! As you are aware, happy employees will increase productivity and boost morale.

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