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The origin of Ribollita soup

This weekend in Perth it’s going to be a stormy one! This weather calls for a delicious and fulfilling soup, such as the authentic Ribollita soup, available at our on-site restaurant Mediterrani.
Ribollita is one of the most famous dishes in Tuscany. Originally this was a dish made from whatever vegetables were on hand and stale bread. This has evolved to become a feast of seasonal vegetables, wild herbs, delicious bread and a healthy dose of extra virgin olive oil.
It is believed the origins of ribollita, meaning simply ‘reboiled,’ date back to the Middle Ages. Hungry and poor Tuscan peasants who served at banquets would pocket the leftover crusts and crumbs of bread on the tables. They would wipe the plates clean of the leftover meat to allow the bread to soak up the flavour-filled juices.
This bread will be put aside to later add to their cannellini beans (soaked overnight in water); along with home grown vegetables, herbs and anything edible they could find in their gardens!
Come and enjoy Mediterrani’s Ribollita soup, a healthy dose of beans and vegetables accompanied by fresh sourdough. Available Lunch and Dinner, book by visiting

Ribollita Soup