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Our Top Ten Wedding Tips

So you have the sparkly ring… now what? Our Top Ten Wedding Tips

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! We thought we would help all the newly engaged people out there with 10 of our Top Wedding Tips, straight from our wonderful Wedding & Events Team!

Hopefully we can help ease your stress with the below Top Ten Wedding Tips.

  1. Start With Your Guest List
    Having a good idea of how many guests you’re expecting makes it easier to pick a venue and can help when putting preliminary costs together.
  2. Keep An Open Mind
    It might not necessarily be your first choice that turns out to be the right choice. Keep this in mind when making decision on dresses, decorations and even menus.
  3. Less Is More
    It’s not always the biggest and most expensive decorations, dress or food that has the most impact.
  4. Be Creative
    Keep costs down by making your own theming. Personalising everything is ‘so in right now’!
  5. Ask For Help
    Don’t be afraid to seek advice. You’re not expected to know everything, particularly if it’s your first wedding.
  6. Bridal Survival
    Have some emergency items at the ready: safety pins, breathe freshener, shoe inserts, band aids and stain remover.
  7. Give Yourself Plenty of Time
    Feeling rushed is not a great way to start your day. Make a time plan including hair and makeup and don’t forget to leave time for breakfast.
  8. Relax
    Your special day has arrived and there’s nothing more you can do. Forget about what time the cake is arriving and if the bridesmaids’ nail polish matches the name cards. You’ll enjoy the day so much more.
  9. Have Fun
    Make the most of your big day. Enjoy the time with your close ones and remember to smile.
  10. Remember Why You Are Getting Married
    Take a second of privacy with your new husband or wife and enjoy the moment.

We especially love the last two… don’t get caught up in all the stress of planning your day and enjoy the fact you are marrying the love of your life!

Comment below, maybe with your proposal story as we would love to hear it!

Until next time… AH xx