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Out of the Box Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends that are Out of the Box!

Some bride and grooms love to be different on their wedding day, and we love celebrating their individuality! Some trends that have risen over the last year have inspired us to share with you the best, worst and the hilarious!

Furbaby Wedding Attendants

People’s pets are part of the family, so why not have a doggy ring bearer? Or a pet parrot on the shoulder?

Camouflaged Wedding Dresses

Looks exactly how it sounds… for those who love khaki!

Bridal Diapers

Definitely the weirdest one we’ve come across. Ever heard friends complain about going to the bathroom while trying to manoeuvre around in their wedding dress? Well, this is meant to solve that problem!

Trash the dress photoshoot

Sometimes you want to wear your wedding outfit one more time, so why not have some fun with it! We’ve seen brides and groom in the ocean, playing paintball and in a mudpit! Makes for some funny and memorable images. Just a tip though, give it a good dry clean straight afterwards.

Wearing runners instead of heels/dress shoes

Comfort over pain!

Bridesmaids wearing different colours

Who says your bridemaids need to wear the same colour, or even the same style!

Bridesmaid “Bums”

There is a trend emerging with wedding photography where bridemaids are tucking their dresses into their underwear and baring their bums… don’t know if we really recommend this one!

Blush wedding dresses

I think Gwen Stefani started this years ago but it’s made a comeback, take inspo from Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway on this sweet trend.

“You’re not invited” cards

Ever had the awkward “am I invited to this wedding or not” moment? Well fear no more, apparently it’s becoming the norm to send out “You’re Not Invited” cards… would you do this for your wedding?

Comment below your thoughts or any other interesting wedding trends that you’ve heard of.

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Happy planning… AH xx