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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Planning for the happiest day of your life can be quite stressful, so when it comes to planning for your honeymoon, plan to relax!

Destination Unknown

So many beautiful holiday destinations, so little time! Have no fear we have created a list of some honeymoon favourites to get your romance on!

  • Paris, France – The City of Love. If luxe hotels, extravagant shopping strips, historical art and museums are in your list of preferences than Paris is your ultimate honeymoon destination. Oh, and don’t forget that kiss under the Eiffel Tower.
  • Hawaii – Blue water, white sand, and blue skies… it sounds like paradise doesn’t it? Hawaii is the ultimate relaxation destination.
  • Santorini, Greece – Soak up the Mediterranean sun in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Explore the delicious cuisine the island has to offer and check out its rich history.
  • Venice, Italy – Another fantastic destination for your honeymoon. Step on board a traditional gondola and peacefully cruise the beautiful canals of this historic city, which admiring the view of St. Marks Cathedral. Don’t forget to make the most of all the delicious dining options Venice has to offer.


Money Honey

Now that you have chosen your destination, time to tackle the old money dilemma. Stick to your budget and get your money’s worth from your dream holiday. Do your homework when it comes to booking your hotel and don’t be so quick to jump on huge discounts. Maybe your country of choice is going through political unrest, or maybe the hotel is undergoing massive reservations. What about the seasons in your destination? Will there be sunny skies or is it wet season and thunderstorms galore? Think about the reason behind a huge discount!

Trip Advisor is a great source of information when it comes to checking out the nitty gritty details about your future trip. Also, think about hotel and flight packages and remember to read carefully when it comes to inclusions. Does the price include buffet breakfast every day, what about free WiFi? How about the flight? Is it a budget airline or full-service carrier? Do you have to pay extra for carry-on baggage and in-flight meals? These are all important factors to consider before making that booking.

Honeymoon Treats

When you make your booking, let the hotel know it’s your honeymoon! Most hotels offer special treats for the newlyweds so why not get the most out of it! Many hotels and resorts offer fantastic honeymoon packages with added extras such as champagne on arrival, breakfast in bed, romantic dinners on the beach and even complimentary massages. It is your honeymoon after all, so it should be more special than any other holiday you have ever had!

Rush, Rush, Rush

Movies have thought us to get straight on the plane after the wedding, but in real life, this might not be the best idea. Give yourself a couple of days to catch your breath from all the planning associated with your wedding, especially if you had a few drinks to celebrate the occasion. Giving yourself time between the trip and the big day means you can also pack more carefully so you don’t forget anything important!

Healthy & Happy

It depends on where you decide to travel, but be aware that some countries will expose you to certain health risks. South East Asia and Africa are both high risk regions so make sure you get vaccinated before you head out on a wild African Safari or explore the ancient Buddhist temples of Thailand. Remember that some vaccinations are given in stages which means that can take time to become active, that’s why you should begin the immunization process about six months before the trip.

Reserve Your Spot

If you want to try something that’s hot right now, or very high in demand, you may want to consider making your booking or buying tickets a few weeks or even a month before your honeymoon. For example, if you want to visit a highly sought after restaurant in Venice for a romantic dinner, make your booking a week before, or if you want to see a show in Paris, buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Consider Transportation

Chances are you will want to explore during your trip, so it’s important to consider how you will get around. Some tourist destinations, such as Singapore, have a great system of organized tour buses. Ask your hotel concierge about the different tour options available. Tours are usually fully inclusive of a meal and transportation to and from your hotel. Consider Uber if it’s available in your country of choice – it may be cheaper than a cab and the driver comes to you.

Happy honeymoon travels! AH xx