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Your ultimate checklist for booking your 2016 Staff Christmas party!

It’s a date!

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, so it’s important to set the date that you desire nice and early. It would be a good idea to pass a few dates around the office to see what suits most people. Once everyone has cast their vote, decide on a date and send out confirmation emails, so everyone is informed.  If anyone at the workplace has any special dietary requirements, make sure you are informed nice and early so that it can be taken into consideration when selecting menus.

Think about the budget

Find out how much money you have or are willing to spend on your Christmas party. Try to have an established budget as early as possible in your planning process so you don’t end up planning something completely unrealistic.  Allocate funds towards what is most important in your workplace and what the workers prefer. This will depend on the kind of industry you work in and personal preference.  Remember to leave some money behind as a sort of backup just in case you need to cover any unexpected costs.

What kind of party do you have in mind?

There are endless options when it comes to deciding the kind of Christmas party you would like to host. First, decide on whether you would like it to be a daytime event, an evening event or both. Does the budget accommodate the husbands, wives, and partners of your workers?  Here are a few options when choosing the type of Christmas party you want;

The local Christmas party:  This is a natural choice for a well-located business. Dinner in a local pub or restaurant followed by a few drinks is not uncommon for smaller firms that don’t require large venues. Why not consider 150 EAST bar | kitchen, with their wide range of private venue options? Click here to view.

The DIY Christmas party:  As the title suggests you start from scratch and do it all yourself, this is good if you want to customize your Christmas part. Here you start by searching for an ideal venue. Once this has been booked, you can look into organizing catering and entertainment.

The packaged Christmas party: This is an excellent idea especially if you are short on time! These parties are well organized by an event planner, so you don’t have to worry about very much at all. They will include a themed venue, music, entertainment and provide a set menu for guests.  If you plan on buying a Christmas party package, consider booking a few months in advance to avoid disappointment. Why not consider one of the Festive Functions packages offered at Assured Hotels? Click here for more information.

Theme it up!

To add a little spark and personality to your event consider having a themed Christmas party. Having a theme will give your party a bit more excitement and make it stand out for all the other Christmas parties from previous years. A few themes to consider may be; a white Christmas, masquerade ball, nightmare before Christmas and even 12 courses of Christmas which involves a fair bit of taste testing! Whatever them it is that you choose, make sure it’s styling is consistent throughout the venue.

Ask for feedback

This doesn’t necessarily mean having long boring surveys that no one will want to complete. Simply having a chat to the guests after the party to see how they enjoyed the event will be enough. Consider asking them what they liked and didn’t like at the party and use this feedback to create an even better event next year!

Happy planning! AH xx